About Deborah

Deborah Dworshipper aka Deborah Chioma Ony is a Canadian contemporary Christian singer and songwriter with a distinctive sound. She ushers the glory of God through worship. Born in Nigeria, where she spent the earlier part of her life, singing has always been a part of destiny. Her mother was a singing evangelist who travelled, preaching the gospel always with Deborah, the first of five children. Deborah’s mother passed away at an early age. This contributed to and influenced her love for creating beautiful Christian music.

As a child, Deborah grew up going to Church every day. She started with praise and worship in the children’s choir at Assemblies of God Church and Church of God Mission, founded by Archbishop Benson Idahosa. As she grew up, Deborah’s musical talent also grew to what it is today. She has led praise and worship in many churches, and continues to sing in choirs.

Deborah’s debut CD “Faithful God”, is born out of appreciation to God for seeing her through, after she lost her father, mother and immediate younger brother, all within a short time, amidst other challenges of life.

Deborah has written over 400 songs. Each song tells a story and connects to God on a personal level. She is married with 4 children, and touches lives through her ministry and dedication to God, her family and community. Also, with a career in nursing, Deborah continues to care for the sick. Her determination and hard work continues to be an inspiration to many.